Visual Studio 2010 is upon us. Actually it has been for a while now, but this is the first time I've started to use it. Here are some of the impressions I've had.
2010.10.11: Aurora v2.0 Blog
I'm relaunching my blog. This is the new, bigger better blog. Or actually, it's much smaller, leaner and meaner. Yes, it's a meta blog post. Feel free to skip over!
How to quickly revert back from a checkout of the entire repository while having files locked for exclusive edit...
2009.11.29: Development tools
What kind of tools are you using in your day to day work as a programmer? Here are some of mine...
In which I go on about how I hate half assed products that doesn't work and crash.
Another batch of updates to the NiftyPlugins.
2009.03.31: Gdc 2009 aftermath
Slides for the talk I gave with Vassily at GDC 2009.
2009.03.19: Gdc 2009
GDC 2009 is just around the corner, this time I'm a little bit nervous since I'm also speaking for the first time this year.
Quick notice that I've updated the source for NiftyPerforce and NiftySolution.
While C++ might be bloated, slow and ugly and ready to shoot you in your foot very helpfully there is really no other choice...
2008.09.13: p4branch
Ever found yourself in a situation where you are making changes and your changelist just grows and grows until it's this scary creature that you don't really can let go of and let out in the wild? This script provides a way to get out of this trap.
Reading licenses and figuring out if you can use a piece of "free" software can sometimes be tricky. Licenses sure are from hell...
2008.08.28: Tales of Vesperia
In which I venture out and buy an XBOX 360 to play a JRPG, but instead get bitten by the console trying to eat the disc instead of play it...
2008.08.17: Usercontrols in C#
You would think that it's trivial to add an user control in C#, with its much touted GUI creation helpers and bells and whistles. You would think...
2008.08.02: More perforce tips
In which I write about even more perforce usage tips.
2008.08.02: p4v for the lose
In which I just call p4v for what it is: a pile of pooh.
2008.08.01: p4win for the win
I had a spasm and had to rage against the stupidity of perforce to discontinue the p4win client.
2008.05.26: Are you bilingual?
What is your native language? If you answered C++, then come on in and read more about how you could travel the world if you knew more languages.
Who would think that there are many ways to count to a thousand? Buying hard drives is not exactly like a box of chocolates, but you sure don't know exactly what you get.
In which we explore what people actually mean with row major matrices and what they think they mean.
2008.04.30: Stupid C++ Tricks
In which we explore things that probably should have the warning "Don't try this at home kids, we're professionals".
You know you're in trouble if you hear or encounter anything like this...
We explore what determinism means and why it's important for your tools especially for testing purposes.
2008.03.29: Comparing Images
In order to automate testing, you often need an image comparison step. This looks at comparing two different HD images.
Some tips and tricks about using perforce and organizing things.
First look at the new iPhone SDK and demos looks impressive. This is going to be fun.
In my quest for a decent regular expressions library for C++ I arm myself with some patience while trying to compile various open source software.
Part 2 of my rant about Windows Vista, and the part where I had enough and gave up and bought a new copy of Windows XP and upgraded.
2008.01.26: p4shelf
A small script for perforce that allows you to backup a changelist and later restore it. It works much like the new more recent p4shelf functionality that went into the offical perforce server and client.
It's very annoying to have dialog boxes pop up and require user interaction while running automated tests. Who clicks on the OK button?
How the mess that is windows.h has become the bane of my existence.
2007.12.08: Is Vista Unusable?
I'm having my first encounter with Windows Vista and run away crying.
Which library sort call is faster, and why?
I'm deploring the state of the games development industry as far as crappy PS3 ports go.
In this unfinished article I discuss some of the assembly reading skills that are needed for games programmers.
NULL pointers, you shalt not follow them.
Discussion about what exactly happens before main() is called...
I want shorter and easier games. You know, like back in the day.
Rant about how it's pretty hard to write a decent math paper online and what tools are available. I miss LaTeX.
2007.10.17: Prehistoric Demos
This lists some of the demos I've written with other people way back before the dawn of time. Or so it feels like.
While I was on the Movable Type system I had to move the blog once to fix the then busted comment system.
Discussion about class constructor order.
Does warnings matter? Do you have them enabled on the compiler command line? Do you read them?
Description of my make make system that generates all sorts of build files from simple descriptions.
2007.10.03: Choppers 2D
Discussion about a little 2D prototype game I wrote and development speed and methodology
2007.09.22: Spam Ohoy
A meta post on how comment systems gets drowned by spam.
How do you manage your different configuration for the game? Just Debug and Release?
One of the first PS3 games that came out that actually didn't look like a PS2 game, Heavenly Sword, was purchased very early...
Looking at what Apple is doing with their browser and moving it to windows.
We explore the depths of the language, namley lookup rules for symbols, and see how it can help us to write less.
This describes a handy script to quickly revert a submitted perforce changelist.
Me and Noel went down to talk at XPSD about how we were implementing Scrum and XP in the games industry.
I gave a talk about the (then) future in games and CELL programming.
2007.06.21: Desktop Commander
A small tool I made for setting the desktop picture.
I had a discussion at work about the merits of map v/s vector in the STL and decided to put some hard facts online.
This is the public announcement that the source code for NiftyPerforce and NiftySolution is available on google code.
2006.10.01: Dice
This was a small puzzle game that me and Andreas Brinck wrote for the Windows platform. The article describes some of the features of the development, a postmortem of sorts.
2006.09.21: NiftyPerforce
Original NiftyPerforce Visual Studio AddIn announcement.
I explored the possibility to unit test shaders the same way you could ordinary C++ code on the CPU.
This is how you can work offline with perforce and still be able to easily integrate changes back when the network comes back up. It also work equally well for taking external code drops and having source control on them.
With some digging, you can find some really good tools distributed for free from Microsoft.
An article about some guidelines when writing portable code.
Two small utilities to handle unix style diff and patch
Discussion of the ellipsis construct in C and C++ and how it affects you.
Some handy macros for Visual Studio.
Some basic tips for when you are doing the initial perforce setup.
A brief survey of different memory practices and tools for tracking down bugs in allocators.
Discussing about how to implement hotloading and automatic asset conversions on the fly.
I have a brief look at how works and how you can deploy it.
I present a way to easily and quickly bring data for testing into your unit tests without going through the filesystem.
I go over the different tools available for programming some Python.
This is the announcment of a Visual Studio 2005 AddIn for helping the productivity of a programmer.
2006.02.12: Launch of new blog
My very first blogpost.