I think one of the most overlooked aspects of Visual Studio is it's extensibility through visual basic for applications (VBA). This is a little discussion about some simple scripts that help me through the day with visual studio. The code is kind of horrible, since I'm really not a basic writer at all but bear with me here.

Measuring build times

Fig1: The environments events.

Maybe you've read some of the articles out there timing builds with lot of projects in the solution? Visual studio doesn't seem to come with timing of these things out the box, but it does come with an easy way to subscribe to events. One of the events you can subscribe to is the start build and stop build. Aha, that turns out that we can easily do that and print the time elapsed. Hooking on to the events through the module EnvironmentEvents can be done like shown here.

Edit helpers

Aurora Macros
Fig2: The macros in the AuroraMacros module.

Described in this file are some of the edit helpers that helps me in editing my source files. Some of the macros are:

In closing

That's all for this time. Hope this gets you to start automating your day to day task of writing source code and you got some hints here for how to continue on your own.