About Jim Tilander

Well, that's me writing. After giving up on my dreams of becoming a rocket scientist, I went into full time games development. I'm kind of a generalist programmer so you will see all sorts of topics showing up on my blog. I currently work for Sony Santa Monica, but of course everything I say here is for me, and not for Sony. Yeah, yada yada.

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These are the games I've been working on throughout the years.


I've given a couple of public talks, if you are looking for the slides they are listed below.

Aurora Blog

This blog has been reincarnated twice now, I finally ditched the old Movable Type interface I've been running for years for a home grown system that is much less complex and more capable. It additionally also allows me to author the articles directly in Apple Pages, with all the bells and whistles it provides.

But since the changes that have occurred, links will have been invalidated as well as comments might have been lost. If you are looking for old blog, you can go here.

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