Aurora Open Source Software

Over the years I've written some software that I've made freely available here on my blog. I've collected a list of them here so that you can easily find them.


This is a Visual Studio plugin that provides bindings to perforce, they are typically much quicker than the default bindings that Perforce themselves provide.


Another Visual Studio plugin that has some handy productivity boosters for programmers, for example open any file in solution, toggle between header and implementation etc.


Back in the day, this was the only really quick way of reverting a changelist. Today, perforce has made the functionality available in the standard clients so the script mostly holds historical interest. There are a couple of other script in there as well tough that might spark some ideas.


This is a make make system, much like premake and cmake. BadgerConfig is however in my opinion much simpler and smaller. In the same way it is more limited, but it doesn't try to be a comprehensive system for everything, simple cater to games specific needs (tools and runtime). It can generate VS 2005, 2010 and Xcode projects from a unified set of description files and makes managing a large set of projects and solutions not a reason to kill yourself.

UnitTest Cg

This was an experiment to see if you could bring unittesting to the rendering world of GPUs. It's mostly functional and should give you a good starting point for extending it to suit your own needs.