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NiftyPerforce and NiftySolution updates

It's been a good while since I posted last. I wish I could have made a similar effort like Ignacio to post some more technical and useful posts, but I've been a little bit busy and just plain lazy. Since last time I've been secretly updating the plugins for Visual Studio I maintain. One is the faster perforce plugin (NiftyPlugin) and the other is the quick open plugin (NiftySolution). There has been some minor modifications and two big ones:

While the support for Visual Studio 2008 is somewhat official, it's by no means tested extensively. I don't have 2008 and I am not too eager to "upgrade" since everything is working just fine with 2005 and I have no XDK that forces me to upgrade my IDE. The plugins have been reported to install and work just fine on 2008 though so it should be reasonably safe to try.

Go and get the new versions from here:

Hm, I still have some words to go with my normal count, so I'll just throw in a picture in the end, it is after all worth more than a thousand words :)

If you look carefully you can date this picture. And the top console was only used for Guitar Hero.