Moved the blog.

The old comment system I had on my blog was kind of dated and convoluted. A friend of mine complained a little about it and I set out to see if I could improve it a little bit. Whew. What a can of worms (thanks Nick). Turns out that in order to fix it I needed ssh access to my webhost. Fine, I fired up putty and tried to log in for the first time in ages. Hm. Nothing happens. After checking my passwords and keys all match up I send a support request to my hosting company. A while later it came back that hey ho, you need to upgrade your account to an incidentally more expensive version to get ssh access. At this point I'm pretty fed up with the hosting company, their service is really slow and the space / traffic was not that great. And this was the last straw! In an effort to make my life so much more difficult all the stars aligned and made sure that I couldn't get my old version of Movable Type. On top of it, a new version of MT came out. So I took the hit and mucked around a little bit with MT4.

The result is this new site. A little bit less fancy, but hopefully more functional. I'll see if I get around to whack myself through all the template magic (and horror, perl) that is MT to get the look and feel back from the old site. For now, there should be a better comment interface and also subscription of comment changes (although I have to see if that works out alright).

For now, hopefully this host is somewhat faster and that should make us all go like this: