I ran MacOSX early on my G3 laptop (now retired) and I loved it. One of the things I really loved was the way Mac rendered fonts. They are really completely different than the way Windows does it. Now I recently found out that I can run Safari (the native browser on MacOSX) on my Windows machine. Wow. Looking at the webpages are actually much nicer now, even so I miss the mouse gestures from Firefox. But otherwise I like it (I'm such an Apple fan-boy). Here is the link to the public beta.

Apple also claim some ludicrous things on their webpage such as blazing performance. It is anything but. And the stability is ... less than ideal. It's definitely a reason why the product is still in beta, but once it works and the page displays it's wonderful. Just don't try anything heavy.

That said, Safari has some really cool things apart from the font rendering, my favourite one is the RSS reader. Here is a screen of me reading the Power of Two Games webpage:

Safari RSS

I'm hoping this takes off and I can retire Firefox. It really has become a little bit bloated and slow. And then again maybe we should just stop all this and reflect on this:

Brilliance from xkcd.