For a long time now I've been using Honk's (Henrik dot Karlsson at dice dot se) FastOpen plugin for accessing files in Visual Studio quick and easy. Yes, there is Visual Assist to consider as well, but historically it's been buggy and slow (they might have fixed that now) so I've kind of shied away from it. So I though it was a good time to explore a little how the plugins in the new visual studio works and a little practice with C# as well to boot. The result was this little plugin that does two things:

Two new commands will be shown in visual studio once you've installed the plugin, Open and Toggle. Bind them to your favourite keybinding and happy hacking.

Dialog for opening
Fig 1: Open dialog.

The search dialog that pops up when you select the command NiftyOpen have the following rules:

As a final note, it's pretty cool that now for Visual Studio 2005 you don't need to register plugins anymore, simply drop them into the correct location and they'll be automagically detected by VS (oh, and one of the locations is: My Documents/Visual Studio 2005/AddIns).


Download installers