Nifty plugins on Google Code

A couple of days ago, Noel emailed me about the source to NiftyPerforce since he wanted to make some changes to it. At this point I only had it on my local subversion repository. I'd heard about this cool feature google recently put up, google hosting, which should be interesting place to actually host a "real" project. So I copied my source and issued a "svn delete" on my own repository source. I also took the opportunity to move my old plugin, NiftySolution to the same location. So now both of the projects can be downloaded, in both binary and code form from google code.

Hopefully this will inspire you to use the plugins and even perhaps report bugs and send patches. So far it's kind of lonely all by myself developing and figuring out what the issues are.

The hardest part right now have been to keep some kind of documentation about the features. It's actually listed as an open issue!

In closing

Hopefully someone finds these things useful, if nothing else how to get started with a fast and dirty plugin. Now don't look at the C# code too closely, I'm still learning how the language works. It's not like I don't still get surprised at what C++ can do and can't do after 11 years of coding in it... a year later with C# understandably leaves me feeling like I'm starting out programming again. The language helps me a lot though, and you really get a sense that Visual Studio is not so much a code editor as a C# editor. It really does help with a lot of tasks, and the code completion is just amazing if you write code the Microsoft way. I just wished they had as good tools for the C++ part... Ok, enough for tonight. Happy hacking!